The case of the ill-fated Flight BA149: The mystery continues.

Quist advised passengers on board the ill fated flight BA149 which was flown into Kuwait during the outbreak of war with Iraq in 1990: There is renewed interest in this case. It remains unresolved. The BA149 story will feature in the book ‘Truthteller’: an investigative reporter’s journey through the world of truth prevention, fake news and conspiracy theories by Stephen Davis, to be published this April 11 with a UK book tour to follow between May 27 and June 5.

This was an extraordinarily sensitive case. The matters in issue presented fundamental questions that continue to be of significant public interest. They concern the extent to which a secret military/intelligence operation can be regarded as being necessary and being properly deployed in national interests and what the corresponding legal checks and balances and protections should be which innocent civilians can look to if they are harmed when they are caught up in such missions.