British Government Internal Audit Agency Investigation (‘GIAA’) (2017/18)

Quist represented a company in an investigation by the GIAA and a government ministry together with other stakeholders (public and private).
GIAA’s role is to ensure government and public sector provide services efficiently.
This case concerned allegations of serious fraud and misuse of public funds.

Substantial foreign mining deal (2017)

Quist undertook sensitive investigations and due diligence for a Middle Eastern government ministry concerning the investment structure by a foreign European party in a $100million mining concession. The outcome of this exercise resulted in our client ceasing further engagement with the investor to legitimately avoid the transaction being completed.

$750 million shipbuilding contract for a floating storage and offloading vessel (2016/17)

Contractual arrangements in this case were entered into between shipbuilders, various specialist contractors, marine engineers and a company owned jointly by a foreign government and an oil major under an EPCIC; Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation & Commissioning (contract). Quist advised one of the contractors.

Issues included the artificial hiking-up of prices by individual representatives of contracting government stakeholders and other acts of corruption and interference aimed at, amongst other things, defeating our client’s legitimate contractual claims. Our client’s opponents sought to disguise their own wrongdoing in what become a commercially and politically sensitive matter.

Corruption in the Ministry for Sport (2015/16)

Representing a football agent in a Middle Eastern country whose efforts to arrange a tournament starring a leading international Spanish team and to open a local football academy under their name were undermined by corruption within the local sports ministry. The sports Minister conspired to divert away the contract for the academy.

Quist also prepared the grounds for an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Crude Oil transport agreement

The terms of an oil transport agreement which related to a pipeline running through several European countries to a refinery owned by our client – a state owned entity, were negotiated at a time when the relevant country was run by a corrupt regime. Some terms were therefore unconscionable and agreed as a result of corruption and duress. Quist assisted by providing advice and a strategy with regard to a renegotiation of the agreement.

Long running complex multijurisdictional fraud being tried in Beirut

British investors were defrauded by individuals who ran a complex scheme under the guise of ‘Islamic investment packages’. Misappropriated funds were routed through numerous banks being ultimately destined for Swiss bank accounts. Quist put together a local legal team in order to protect our client’s claim by securing an injunction and further orders to freeze assets pending the outcome of a criminal trial.

Conspiracy: A leading British car manufacturer and high profile Middle Eastern businessman act to evade local importation and commercial laws

A fraudulent scheme was set up to import cars directly from a car manufacturer under an exclusive agreement in breach of local commercial and customs laws. Quist advised an individual defrauded by the local agent against whom the car manufacturer refused to act whilst also opening itself to liability (for the acts of its agent).

Satellite telecommunications dispute (2016)

Representing a leading telecommunications company operating in a North African country whose contractual rights were prejudiced as a result of a change in government and corresponding political interference aimed at favouring a competitor. Quist advised their client on ways in which to protect and maintain their rights in the face of the resulting business disruption and unscrupulous attempts by the competitor to unlawfully manoeuvre and manipulate rights granted by a satellite company.

Misappropriation by the general manager of an established oil trading company –

Quist assisted a foreign law firm with the provision of advice in connection with the diversion of business estimated in the region of $100m by a former executive from one of the largest Middle Eastern oil trading firms. Misappropriated funds were utilised to set up companies, acquire assets and to trade in numerous jurisdictions. Quist designed a strategy to seek key disclosure of evidence in the English jurisdiction to prove central aspects of the fraud.

Tax fraud investigations (2014-2017)

Representing numerous clients in the course of cash seizures and investigations by HMRC – including in relation to a multi-million pound scheme allegedly designed to evade tax in the telecommunications sector.